I went to Digiland today. If this sounds like a wonderland for the burgeoning digital age, it is! A fav moment was meeting the awesome talent booker for Business Rockstars, my good friend ShahradMizrahi. This collaborative Wonderland is a super cool campus of offices and prime production venue space located in Burbank. Definitely counting this as a new "go to" and "must connect again" space in the next year.

-Roz Wolf

Digiland is the most amazing collaborative workspace in Burbank. Truly beautiful space that is run by really cool people. Nice vibes as well. They have conference rooms you can rent and a two awesome buildings with many offices! I enjoy spending time here. Thank you Thom, KiKi and Lee for all of your hard work in setting this place up!

-Shahrad M.

Digiland is an amazing place to work. It feels like home, yet I'm surrounded by brilliant tech and creative minds and entrepreneurs. Working in this collaborative shared environment inspires me and my business. Where I had worked alone before, finding it difficult to meet the right people, Digiland offers me a chance to network and feed off other entrepreneurs. Plus they have awesome food truck events. The other day Jamie Foxx was here and Colbie Callait performed on the porch. It's pretty cool. Lovin' it.

-Gillian A.